Quality Assurance Services
for Anatomic Pathology

Healthcare today is quality driven and a patient's journey starts with diagnosis. Partner with us to address the challenges of staff shortages, improving diagnostic quality and mitigating the risk of misdiagnosis. QualityStar delivers an innovative alternative to internal case review. Together, we can redefine quality assurance to improve your practice proficiency.

Expert Review

QualityStar delivers Quality as a Service (QaaS) - an innovative method for anatomic pathology quality assurance case review. This secure digital platform enables external confidential review by QualityStar's national network of sub-specialty experts.

Quality Intelligence

Transform your practice, by enhancing your Quality Intelligence. QualityStar delivers performance analytics, objective feedback and insight to manage risk and improve your Practice Proficiency Score

Pathology Consortium

Join the QualityStar Consortium for access to pathology best practices and industry benchmarks. Challenge the status quo by influencing and redefining how quality assurance is performed in your practice.